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Train Pack for Coaches

I will keep this brief & to the point. I know you don't have a lot of time to spend on admin - that is sort of the whole point.


What can Train Pack do for Coaches?

  • Cut down on time spent communicating your training plans across a spider web of WhatsApp, Facebook, emails etc. Life is too short.

  • Make things simpler for your athletes - one source of information on training sessions.

  • Make it simple for you to track who will be attending your sessions.

  • Create & reuse stock sessions & activities.

Train Pack is the best app for coaches to plan sessions and communicate with athletes

How does Train Pack work?

  • You plug in your sessions (date/time, distance, pace, start point, description etc).

  • You share a link to the activities with your athletes (or just tell them to check their club listings).

  • They hit 'join' and are then shown the location, they get a calendar invite via email too.

  • You know who is going to turn up and they can leave you comments on the activity screen too.

How to use Train Pack as a Coach.

A few very simple steps and you are good to go.

  • Create an account (it is all free) -

  • Create a club (in the 'Me' tab via 'My Clubs')

  • Hit 'Share' to send a link to your athletes (via FB / WhatsApp etc) and ask them to join the club.

  • You can control who joins the club (via approval within the app).

  • Create your training activities, and set the access to 'By Club' and select your club.

  • Share the link to the activities with your athletes (or just the link to the club again, as upcoming activities will show up on that page).

Once you open the app it will all be pretty obvious. Any questions (or suggestions) please let me know. Thanks for using Train Pack!

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