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Train Pack App for Sports Clubs

"Well, if I had KNOWN you guys were doing that run, I would have joined, but I am only on 35 different WhatsApp groups for the club, and that run was arranged on the 'Club Runners #36' group." - Sound familiar?

With Train Pack you can setup a clear & simple training calendar, visible to all your club, with all the info in one place (e.g. session details, locations, start times etc).

  • Include club target races.

  • Make your club truly inclusive and stop cliques.

  • Make live updates in seconds (e.g. change / cancel a session)

  • Simple & powerful chat facility - no shared phone numbers like WhatsApp, no GDPR issues.

  • Single source of club notices (e.g. AGMs, Minutes, Subs etc).

  • Create separate segments (e.g. Juveniles, Masters, Coaches, Boys U8 etc).

  • Roll call for volunteers for each session.

  • Everything is in one place, all members know where to go for all info. No more multiple postings across a web of platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, email, carrier pigeon etc).

The main headache in any club is not a scarcity of fitness, ideas or training plans, it is finding a way to keep all members up to date with what is happening - a single source of the truth.

With Train Pack your members have all Club info right at their fingertips - training activities, club notices, links, discussions, secret sessions - they know exactly where to go for everything. It is clear and it is transparent. No more cliques, no more half comms, no more whatsapp groups, no more ambiguity.

Train Pack is a purpose built app for running & cycling clubs. It is the best app for sports clubs that want an efficient & simple way to keep their members informed, engaged & happy.


Train Pack running app screenshot showing club activities

Club Activities

  • View all club training activities in one place.

  • Activities can be setup as secret (in which case they will only appear to other club members in the members area here). Public 'club' activities can be seen in public searches, but non-members will need to join the club before they can join the activity.

  • All activities can be edited, changed and reused (very handy for the club 'go-to' sessions).

  • Any club member can create a club activity (and of course they can also create regular non-club activities).

  • Races can be added (from the public activity listings) to your club target races.


Activity Details

  • Everything a member needs to know is here in one place.

  • Members can join or volunteer.

  • The activity creator & the club admins can edit the activity.


Train Pack running app screenshot showing club announcements & notices. Train Pack is the best app for running clubs.

Club Notices

  • Club admins can post announcements in this screen.

  • Members receive popup notification, and in-app notification whenever there are new announcements (these can be muted).

  • One source for all club news - training plans, committee minutes, info on subscriptions, links to payments, calls for volunteers.


Train Pack running app screenshot showing club members area chat. Train Pack is the best app for running clubs.

Club chat area

  • Private club area for club discussions.

  • Members receive popup notification, and in-app notification whenever there are new posts (or when somebody comments on their post).

  • Notifications can be muted.


Member List & Club Links


Club Segments

You can create segments within your Club (e.g. Masters, Juveniles, Coached Groups etc).

  • Activities can be created for specific segments (e.g. U16 Boys)

  • Club activities & chat can be viewed by segment (e.g. parents checking their kids' upcoming activities).

  • Segment membership requests are controlled by Admins.

  • General (unrestricted) club activities & chat still available, of course!

If you are a Club Admin, just create your segments in the Admin Area.


Getting Started

Setting up your club is simple, first you setup yourself on Train Pack here then:

Just hit the My Clubs button and Create Club.

  • Stick in your club details and select your subscription (depends on the size of your club).

  • Upload a .csv club members' info (names & emails).

  • We set them up and send them their new login details & instructions.

  • Alternatively simply send the club link to your members and ask them to create a user profile.

  • Any club member can then create a club activity & post in the chat (and of course they can also create non-club activities).

The whole process will take no more than 5 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Get on it.


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