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Trail Running image from Irish Mountain Moylussa


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Organise your Club

Arrange & communicate club training schedules.

Transparent & inclusive.

All your club info in one place. 

Keep it Simple

Clear timetable of training (session details, locations, start times etc)

Clear schedule of target races

Simple chat facility - no shared phone numbers, no GDPR issues

Single source of club notices (e.g. AGMs, Subs etc)

Everything is in one place, all members know where to go for info. No more multiple postings across a web of platforms.

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  • All club training activities in one place.​

  • All activities can be edited, changed and reused (very handy for the club 'go-to' sessions). 

  • Any club member can create a club activity (and of course they can also create regular non-club activities). 

  • Races can be added (from the public activity listings) to your club target races.

Getting Started

Just hit the button above & create your user profile.


Then hit the My Clubs button and Create Club.

Stick in your club details and select your subscription (depends on the size of your club).

Upload a .csv club members' info (names & emails).

We set all your users up and send them their new login details & instructions.

Alternatively simply send the club link to your members and ask them to create a user profile.

Any club member can then create a club activity & post in the chat (and of course they can also create non-club activities).

The whole process will take no more than 5 minutes.

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